Shelter in Place

I’m writing this on 4/12/2020, Easter Sunday. We are in unprecedented times, in the midst of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. I hear that term “unprecedented” everyday, in these strange times. It’s true. We are in a health crisis, and if we were not behaving well over all as a society, it would also be a community crisis. But like has happened in hard times before, people have come together and support each other in any way they find appropriate. For me, it’s art, sewing, gardening, cooking, keeping in touch with loved ones. 

Being a citizen and part of a community has never been more important in our world. For so long I’ve been able to just concentrate on playing in the art room, entertaining myself, and making cool things that people also find cool. Being a citizen was low on the list of things to pay attention to.

But now it’s time for us to focus a bit differently, focus more outside our own edges,  more world wide. Our focus is on saving lives, and supporting people who need us. I will still approach that with humor and whimsy since it comes from me. 

I am not what might be referred to as a political activist. You are unlikely to find me marching in downtown Seattle, but my causes are in line with many democrats and tend toward those that value government supporting people over business, value human life over money, and level the opportunity field to include all. I think art can communicate these things. 

So this is my contribution for now.  

Life is still  so good.


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