On the easel today, 6/4/14

Looking at the last show I had up, I noticed a preponderance of quinacrodone burnt orange which in one way, holds the show together, and in another, it seems like it could be time to add some new colors to the palette. So I started working with a small palette of Quin gold and ultramarine blue, titan buff, and Van Dyke brown hue, and I liked what came from that today.

In an attempt to add to the flower collection, I chose to start with dogwoods. They make me remember Georgia and Virginia in the spring, with the pink ones and white ones blooming everywhere and the cicadas singing in the rise and fall of their songs. I like the flow of the flowers across the canvas. This first one is just a start. It will end up quite different — at least it usually does.


Then inspiration hit with a photo of a dear one, and I made a portrait. Because it didn’t become a likeness of her, I will try again, but I still like where it ended up. There may be some slight finishing to do, but she’s very close to done.

portrait-in-progressweb portrait-6-4-14-web

I played lots of loud music to help me quiet the rest of the world. All in all, satisfying studio time.


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