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For a full-time working artist, a day in the studio would feel like just another day at work.  For me, it felt like a breath of air. Katherine was gone all day to her math class, martial arts and her Irish dance teaching –so no interruptions for me.  I fixed that hand.  It wasn’t as hard to do as I was making it.


Another painting was started today as well.  I think it will be called Mrs. Carlysle’s Inner Fool, to continue on my fool theme. The costume sketch on the right is by Susan Tsu for a show called She Stoops to Conquer.  I was a stitcher at (the now defunct) TheatreVirginia where I had the privilege of working with Susan on this show in 1990.  She was generous to let me keep the color copies of her sketches for several of the characters whose costumes I worked on.  I am using her pose for this one, though the character of Mrs. Carlysle will be very different, of course.Placing a grid over a scan of Susan’s sketch in Photoshop, I cropped it to work for my purpose and then placed a grid on the canvas to transfer the image.  Already the characters diverge.We’ll see where this one goes.Yours, Lynette

Using tissue paper to work out the hand shape The other balls had more white around them, so I needed to rework this one to make it relate to the others.
Much better. Detail of Edgar and the Moth
The found poetry says:
Moths lit up like jet streaks
like chalk on a blackboard
they flickered around the blue church skyHere you can see some of the texturing and layers
that are in this piece.  The acrylic medium is fairly thick
after all the layers have been applied ala Barbara DePirro.


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