A 30 Hour Painting

July 25, 2004

 That would be my painting.  We will see just how long it really takes, but I’m already way past 2 hours.  On this day, the last day of vacation, I painted. I shopped and then painted some more.

I think perhaps this will not be a fool painting, but the second in the costume series. She doesn’t look like a fool.  So now I need to figure out who she is and what she needs.  I think the border will use the stencil (pictured below) in some very subtle way, and a rubber stamp that I recently carved by hand that has some similarity in the shapes but is in a different scale as the stencil.  That would add some variety, depth and interest without taking focus off the figure. 

OK, so who is she?  Mrs. Carlysle?  High society, alternately ignores and criticizes her family, her  domestics and her friends. She needs to learn a lesson or two.  So this play could be about poetic justice.  Or it could be a farce.  Fast moving, frills bouncing, doors slamming, mistaken identities. Think on this, it will determine all.  I think it is a comedy, and she is the wife who thinks her husband is seeing someone else, but she is wrong.  Yet she has to go through the play thinking the worst, and she gets a happy surprise in the end.

I’ll sleep on that.

Yours, Lynette


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