Trio by Lynette Hensley

Happy New Year! A look back at 2013

2013 was a year of super creativity in my studio. It was a year of learning and experimenting with different ways of making images, different ways of organizing an image on a surface, and playing with paint. Naturally that leads to some new looks, maybe a change of direction in style, subject matter, and hopefully an expansion and improvement of my abilities. And, happily, it was also lots of fun!

I made a decision to not include images that others created in my collage work. If I include collage, it will be with paper I’ve made.

I also geared my art life back up this year. My goal was to have 6 shows this year, which was accomplished. I was thinking I’d do fewer this next year, but I’m re-thinking that. More shows means that more people will see my work.


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