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What paint can do

Discovering the joy of painting is like learning a new song. You learn the notes, the tempo, rhythm, where to breathe, where to be fast or slow, to pause and go. Theres a time for loud and a time for soft. Painting is the same but it’s in another language. I’m working on some little fun paintings right now that are helping me uncover some interesting color combos, discover the power of gray, and when to choose a cool one or create a warm one. I’m putting more paint on the canvas than in past work. Maybe this is obvious, but when you get enough paint on the canvas to be a little dimensional, it looks more like, well more like a painting.

Putting down a layer of tissue paper or rice paper changes the surface enough for me and takes away the problematic canvas texture. Ofcourse tissue paper can also be a problem if there is an unfortunately placed wrinkle in it. But that can be overcome with…more paint, or even some molding medium.

I’ve made a decision to paint more and collage less, and also not to use images for collage…no photos or pictures from books. Ok Paint…teach me!

25 Collage Series

I’m bringing back my 25 inches of art for $25.00!  Here’s how it works — you choose 1 image and 1 word and I’ll make you a collage!

The collage is 5″x5″ (25 square inches).

Play along with the Flying Redhead!

There are 50 words from which to choose, but I’ll only use each word once (and some are gone already):

  1. enigmatic-SOLD
  2. boisterous
  3. juxtaposed-SOLD
  4. esoteric
  5. Mighty
  6. contemplation
  7. joyous -SOLD
  8. ethereal
  9. sweet -SOLD
  10. contradiction
  11. squiggle -SOLD
  12. insight
  13. Understanding
  14. ponder
  15. flashing
  16. tasty -SOLD
  17. light
  18. winsome
  19. poised -SOLD
  20. Joy!
  21. modern
  22. generous
  23. fleeting
  24. persnickety -SOLD
  25. snake
  26. Grace -SOLD
  27. transformed -SOLD
  28. flighty
  29. transparent -SOLD
  30. uncommon -SOLD
  31. circus
  32. Twirl
  33. buttoned
  34. stiletto
  35. sublime -SOLD
  36. Heaven
  37. melody
  38. pretty
  39. inviting
  40. architectural – Available for sale
  41. wrapped
  42. simple
  43. Mercy
  44. tasty
  45. Grandiose
  46. meditate
  47. peaceful
  48. beautiful -SOLD
  49. Simple
  50. Fabulous

Here are a few of the images to choose from:


Have fun with me and play along!

Link to the 25 Collage Page

Lynette Hensley, the Flying Redhead!