Lynette Hensley Studio Art

Poetry Book Reveal


What might this be? Maybe you’ve seen unboxing videos…
Maybe you’ve seen Apple reveal the next big thing…

Maybe someday Crayon will reveal their next new color…

This is not that kind of world class deal, but it was fun for this artist to put together. More to come!!!

It’s a book!

The name: Poetry Book

It’s my second self published book, inspired by other self published writers, artists and poets who I know and love. We keep showing up.

It’s called Poetry Book. Though it looks a bit like generic packaging from the 1990s, it’s more like Dorothy opening the door of the house to the land of Oz after the twister. The inside has full color images, and full color imaginings.

Whimsical, meditative, snippets of thoughts gathered from PNW beaches, from the wonders of home, flying thoughts and diving adventures.

I told you there was color!

You want one!
$12. by Venmo @Lynette-Hensley or email me for other options. Make sure you give me your address too.

(425) 772-7231