Flowers in California

Melinda dreamed of dancing in California
So Tommy and she moved to seek the silver screen
Now Five years the dream has waltzed right past her
And 3 times a baby arrived on the scene

Its crowded here in California
Crowded with dreams in LA town
Hollywood calls, bright lights and movie magic
Melinda is dancing in a rose colored gown

She looked out the window at Tommy and the boys
Dancing in the rose petals, she said these children are mine
My red carpet ride in my own garden
A season for children Where the sun always shines

Chorus 2

There’s a season for roses in California
There’s a season for children in LA town
There’s season for dreams, bright lights and movie magic
There’s a season for Melinda and a rose colored gown

Lynette Hensley
Krishna Feeney

Copyright 2019