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Popplies and Peoplies

NEAT Seattle Studio Tour December 5-7, 2014

Next big show coming up is NEAT Seattle, a studio tour. I will be a guest of Sandy Spear, and Priscilla Peterson will also be with us. Sandy makes glass beads, and jewelry from the beads, and Priscilla makes wearable art clothing. Looking forward to sharing the tour weekend with these two lovely women! December 5-7, 2014

Headstones by Lynette Hensley Headstones

I will bring more of my new 3D figures “The Actors,” the “Headstones,” some smaller paintings and collages and matted prints for gift giving. Great time of the year for purchasing totally unique gifts!

Link to Studio Tour Site


Lynette's Work table

Edmonds Art Studio Tour 2014

This year,  September 20 & 21, once again I will be participating in the Edmonds Art Studio Tour. This event has become a destination, gaining in popularity and acclaim, and is now in its 9th year! I was fortunate to be a guest artist at Cami Smith’s studio that first year, was at Lynn Scott’s studio last year, and this year will be in Studio 11, with Mona Fairbanks in her studio, along with Robin Westbrook with her beaded jewelry.

This year I will have paintings as well as some 3D work, assemblage figures that I’m working on as of this summer, as well as some less expensive work, drawings, paint sketches, small collages and prints. People have shown an interest in these works, so I’m bringing them along for the tour.

In preparation for this year’s tour, we thought it would be good to give folks a chance to get to know us better, and so we put together an artist interview project. Here’s mine!

Photos from last year with Lisa JonesMoore and Lynn Scott:




Photos from the first year with Cami Smith, Cami’s mom and Pat, pictured below with happy hands!




Here’s the link to the Edmonds Art Studio Tour 2014!

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September 20 & 21, 2014

The Sketchbook Project

Blank Pages

My sketchbook arrived in the mailbox today. So small and empty it is, and also full of promise. It’s like the beginning of every good idea, every project that seems exciting. This is yet another project that seems exciting. Good news is, this project has a due date and someone is waiting for it. Someone, and then a truck that will transport it to multiple cities. This is powerful — as powerful as I make it. It’s tempting to think too hard on this, to make it too important. It’s not — it’s a sketchbook…a receptacle for ideas and incubation. I will just choose some idea and get started. I think it’s best to have a theme. My best thoughts so far: Faces and hands inside of costumes costume details people from vintage photos Let’s get started!

The Book Borrowers, Exhibited at Bellevue Arts Museum

Call me a snob, I don’t care–I love art museums. The curators get to choose the finest, most intriguing work, and they’ve done it again at the Bellevue Arts Museum. I’ve been wanting to see this one for a while. As one of the early “Altered Book” artists back in the 90’s, this was intriguing to me.

Link to Book Borrowers Page

Larry and I talked it over after seeing the work, and we liked most of, but not all the same things. Something called a book excavation was interesting to me, related to, but a few steps beyond the well known book The Humument by Tom Phillips. It appears that the artist would take a book, (or three copies of the same book in one case), with illustrations, and page through the book, choosing which illustrations to retain and cut out around and feature, in one case, animals. Leaving words that relate to the pictures, the animal pictures are left in situ on the page, and most of the rest of the page is cut away. Page by page the artist goes through the book, excavating out the excess and leaving a sculptural collection of animals. Ah shoot–just go see it!

There were also stacks of books that had been sandblasted into various shapes, cutwork, altered, revised, upended, rolled into log like shapes that looked like a slice from a tree, book covers turned into lace paper, inked, and books that were merely the background for some fascinating machine puppet animal skeletons made from wire and string. Fascinating.

Lynette, the Flying Redhead