I took a sweet class through with Kara Kramer about low tech kitchen table animation. We worked with simple ideas, learned one app that is easy to use and modify, and offers enough scope for lots of creativity. That massive creativity among the students from around the world culminated in a film festival (of very short shorts) and was great fun. The age range was from kiddos to seniors and included beginners to established artists. I made a few animations, and here they are for you to view. Yay! Throw some confetti in the air to celebrate fun with art!

I see the moon and the moon sees me

An Early animation — just at the beginning of exploring how fast to have the frames change, how much to move the item for smooth or jerky action. Framing the image — always learning!

Squiggle Wave

This one is my very first animation ever. Ever. Be nice.

Spiral Dog

More dog inspired animations. There is just something about the joy of a dog.

Line bark, wag

This one is inspired by a Cops and Robbers scene from an early silent film.

Dot Chase

This video is inspired by the perpetual lack of company during COVID isolation. I miss you so much. I shot it in a vertical aspect ratio and then put it into Power Director to edit and rotate. Still much to learn there.